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Teduka International Academy

We are international experts in the field of higher education with a down-to-earth approach which increases the success rate of our students and clients

Our Missions is to Redefine accessibility of higher education, professional training, and academic services through innovative and effective methods of knowledge sharing and excellent service provision.

Teduka International Academy aims at mobilizing the academic and professional community to provide quality employment opportunities to current and future generations across the globe through formal education and professional training. This endeavor will require the systematic involvement of various experts in a multitude of fields who shall contribute towards:

  • The Development and implementation of curricula which comprises of a high degree of transversal knowledge which aims at increasing the versatility of a learner in relation to different occupations;
  • Ensuring a strong balance between work and study through ad hoc adaptable study models which help the traditional and non-conventional learners to successfully achieve their academic and professional goals;
  • Implementation of transdisciplinary and holistic consultancy services to higher education start-ups and established education institutions